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Aanindpc some
Aawivai be a certain thing or being; 1sg nindaaw; prt ayaawid
Adikna caribou, reindeer; pl adikwag; dim adikoons
Ahaawpc ok, alright, agreement, affirmation; also nahaaw
Ambepc come on!, let’s go!, attention!
Anipv2 going away, going along, in progress, on the way, coming up to in time; also ni-
Anokaazonvaio use s.t.; 1sg nindanokaazon; prt enokaazod; also nakaazan
Anokiivai work; 1sg nindanokii; prt enokiid; also nokii
Apanepc always, all the time, continually; also apine, pane
Awegonenpr what inanimate interrogative; pl awegonenan; also wegonen; also wegnesh
Azhondapc here; also zhonda
Baabiichigevai to keep waiting; 1sg ninbaabiichige; prt bayaabiichiged; also baabiichge
Baapinodaanvti laugh at s.t., waste s.t.; 1sg ninbaapinodaan; prt bayaapinodang
Baatayiinadvii be much, be many; prt bayaatayiinak; also baatiinod
Bakadevai be hungry; 1sg ninbakade; prt bekaded; also bkade
Banaajitoonvti2 spoil s.t., damage s.t.; 1sg ninbanaajitoon; prt benaajitood; also bnaajtoon, naajtoonn
Bekaapc wait!, slow down!, hold on!
Bekaa-ayaavai to be still; 1sg ninbekaa-ayaa; prt bayekaa-ayaad; also bekaayaa
Bipv2 toward the speaker, this way, here, hither
Bibigwanni flute; pl bibigwanan; also bbigwan
Biboonvii be winter; prt beboong; also bboon
Bimosevai walk along; 1sg ninbimose; prt bemused; also bmose, mose
Boodawevai build a fire; 1sg ninboodawe; prt bwaadawed; also boodwe
Booniikawaavta leave s.o. alone; 1sg ninbooniikawaa; imp booniikawishin leave me alone
Dapv1 future verb prefix in independent verbs with no personal prefix
Dashpc and, then, but, too, also; also idash when following a word the ends with a consonant
Debisevai be enough, be sufficient; prt dayebised; also debse
Debwetawaavta believe s.o., agree with s.o., obey s.o.; 1sg nindebwetawaa; imp debwetaw; prt dayebwetawaad; also debwetwaa
Dibendaanvti control s.t., be the master of s.t., own s.t., earn s.t.; 1sg nindibendaan; prt debendang; also dbendaan
Enhpc yes; also eya, e’, eyan’, e
Eniwekpc somewhat, tolerably, a little bit, just so, middling; also enwek
Eshkampc gradually, more and more, less and less
Etapc only
Gapv1 future tense prefix after a personal prefix; also gad-
Gaawiinpc no, not, negative; also kaa
Gagiibaadizivai be foolish; 1sg ningagiibaadiz; prt gegiibaadizid; ggiibaadizi
Gakinapc all; also kina
Gashkitoonvti2 be able to do s.t., succeed at s.t., manage s.t.; 1sg ningashkitoon; prt geshkitood; also gashktoon
Gayepc also, as for, too, and; also ge
Gegetpc sure, indeed, certainly, really
Gegopc don’t; also gegwa
Gegoopr something inanimate definite, anything inanimate indefinite
Gipre second person before consonants in nounds and verbs; also g-
Gichipv4 big, great, very, many; also chi-, gchi-
Giipv1 past verb prefix; prt gaa-
Giiwosevai hunt; 1sg ningiiwose; prt gaawosed; also giiyose, giiwse
Gikinoo’amawaavta teach s.t. to s.o.; 1sg ningikinoo’amawaa; prt gekinoo’amawaad; also gkinoomwaa
Gitimivai be lazy; 1sg ningitim; prt getimid
Gopc emphatic word, affirmation, assurance, just; also igo after a consonant
Gookooshna pig, pork; pl gookooshag; dim gookooshenhs
Gookooshiwaadizivai live like a pig; 1sg ningookooshiwaadiz; prt gwaakooshiwaadizid; also gookooshwaadzi
Goshapc an emphatic particle heightening assertiveness; also gsha
Ishkonamawaavta reserve (s.t.) for s.o., save (s.t.) back for s.o.; 1sg nindishkonamawaa; prt eshkonamawaad; also shkonmwaa
Izhaavai got to a certain place; 1sg nindizhaa; prt ezhaad; also zhaa
Izhipv3 in a certain way, to a certain place, thus, so, there; also zhi-
Jipv1 that, so that, in order; future and modal prefix in unchanged conjunct
Maabapr this, animate; also maabam
Maajitaavai start an activity; 1sg nimaajitaa; prt mayaajitaad; also maajtaa
Maamdaav able to; only used with negatives
Madwewetoonvti2 make sounds on s.t., make noise on s.t.; 1sg nimadwewetoon; prt medwewetood; also mdwewetoon
Mashkawizivai be strong, be dense, be hard; prt meshkawizid; also mshkawzi
Miipc it is so, it is that; existential particle
Miijimni food; pl miijiman
Miijinvti3 eat s.t.; 1sg nimiijin; prt maajid
Miinawaapc and, also, again; also miinwaa
Minopogwadvii taste good; prt menopogwak; also mnopgwad
Minwendaagozivai be likeable, be fun; prt menwendaagozid; also minwendaagzi
Mitigna tree; pl mitigoog; loc mitigong; dim mitigoons; mtig
Napc when asking a question, a yes or no question; also ina after a consonant
Naaniimivai dancing, dance and dance, dancing over and over again; 1sg ninaaniim
Naawakwevii be noon; prt nayaawakweg; aug naawakwemagad; prt aug nayaawakwemagak; also naakwe
Nagaashkaavai halt, stop moving; 1sg ninagaashkaa; prt negaashkaad; also ngaashkaa
Namadabivai sit, sit down; 1sg ninamadab; prt nemadabid; also nmadbi
Nenaboshna creator, great spirit, teacher, trickster; also Nenaboozhoo
Niijikiwenh/iijikiwenhy-/ nad my (male’s) friend, brother; pl niijikiwenhyag; also niijkiwenh
Niimivai dance; 1sg niniim; prt naamid
Niinpr I, me first person singular personal pronoun
Niinawindpr we, us first person exclusive plural pronoun; also niinwi
Nishkaadizivai be angry, be mad; 1sg ninishkaadiz; prt neshkaadizid; also nshkaadzi
Noodinvii be windy, there is a wind; prt nwaading
Noondaanvti hear s.t.; ninoondaan; imp noondan; prt nwaandang
Noongopc now, today, nowadays; also noongom
Onjipv3 from a certain place, for a certain reason, because; also nji-
Ozhiitaavai get ready, prepare; 1sg ninoozhiitaa; prt wezhiitaad; also zhiitaa
Ozhitoonvti2 make s.t., build s.t., form s.t.; 1sg nindozhitoon; prt wezhitood; also zhitoon
Sapc emphatic, sometimes signifies because, usually in answers; also isa after a consonant
Wiipv1 want to, need to, will future/desiderative; prt waa-
Wiigiwaamni wigwam, lodge, traditional dwelling; pl wiigiwaaman; loc wiigiwaaming; dim wiigiwaamens; also wiigwaam
Wiinpr him or her third person singular personal pronoun
Wiinpc contrastive particle
Wiisinivai eat; 1sg ninwiisin; prt waasinid; also wiisni
Wiiyaasni meat; loc wiiyaasing; dim wiiyaasens
Zhaabwidoonvti2 pierce s.t. through, save s.t, rescue s.t.; 1sg ninzhaabwidoon; prt zhayaabwidood
Zhigaagna skunk; pl zhigaagwag; dim zhigaagoons; also zhgaa